Thursday, January 19, 2012

Impossible Prayer

I am not making a New Year's Resolution.  I have never really made them, but I resolve not to.  Multiple conversations throughout the past month and semester have led me to make a new purpose for myself, not a resolution.

As the book Discipleship by Design would teach, a Godly purpose leads to Godly goals, and then to correct priorities.  Goals are specific and accomplishable and should reflect the broad Purpose.

So, with a purpose to know God more this next year, I have come up with a Goal that seems absolutely impossible.  However, I know it IS actually achievable and I have made a plan to see it happen.

By the end of the year, I want to be able to spend an hour in prayer 6 out of 7 days of the week, and at least 30 minutes on the 7th day.

This is nuts! It seems crazy! How could I EVER do that? There's no way!

As you see, my first reactions are nothing but encouraging.

The Plan

January 10 min 3 days/wk 5 min remaining days
February 15 min 4 days/wk 10 min remaining days
March 20 min 4 days/wk 10 min remaining days
June 30 min 4 days/wk 10 min remaining days
August 40 min 5 days/wk 15 min remaining days
September 45 min 5 days/wk 15 min remaining days
October 50 min 5 days/wk 20 min remaining days
November 50 min 6 days/wk 30 min remaining days
December 1 hour 6 days/wk 30 min remaining days

It ISN'T crazy!  In fact, the goals for January seem EASY! With that in mind, the next step, in February doesn't seem hard either.  And so-on and so-forth. 

As you might have noticed, I skipped months.  That's ok, I plan to keep praying during those months :)

Also, I want to take time to recognize that prayer is not all about the time spent; it is about quality time.  Really seeking God.  Really listening to HIM.  These are things I don't plan to have perfect all year long.  I know that this will be a learning experience for me.  It will not be easy; it will not always be fun.  I expect I will be a very different person by the end of next year, not because I am really trying to change myself, but because spending this much time in the presence of God cannot leave me unchanged.  

The reason I am posting this is really to keep me accountable.  Because this is now public, there is no going back.  

Here we go!! (spoken in the Mario voice)

For music, we've landed on the letter "J"

Jason Mraz will win this one. He makes me think, and I like his voice. A great combination.

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